China Custom Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing bearing bronze

Product Description


        CZPT Hydraulics ZheJiang Co., a scientific and professional bearing producing enterprise, gathering R&D, producing and sales as 1  integration.mainly operating on non-standard, special andgeneral bearings.

       The company is especially focusing on the research and manufacture of general high-tech production with the 20 years R&D experience, professional R&D staff and advanced equipment, of which 8 sets are imported equipment and 40 sets are high-precision processing equipment. it has invested for building a modern workshop, including 1 Bainite heat processing workshop of world advanced level, 1 machine processing workshop, 2 moder thermostatic &no-dust roller grinders, assembly workshop, physical-chemical testing center, heating laboratory and moder-managed warehouse. Depending on the markets in China and abroad, the company puts an active attitude upon products R&D, resulting a healthy circulation of 1 development generation, 1 reserve generation, and 1 producion generation. The enterprise enlarges the R&D investment, creates own brand, and strives to increase the exporting products of high-tech & high value-added, gains the honorable sales result and grows into 1 of the largest R&D enterprise in China of non-standard bearing and special bearing.

       The advanced technology, outstanding quaity and considerable service after sales with enthusiasm make us get the rapid development in quite short time of years, and now it becomes the largest developing and producing enterprise in Asia of concrete carrier truck, speed-reducing machine,mine-digging machine, hydraulic pump spindle bearing and crecent bearing. With the continuing and wholly new developing theory of Technology is the motivation and quality is the life, We are not only pursuing the leading position in China, but also determined to march into the worldwide bearing area during it developing process, The products are mainly applied on the industries of mine, metalurgy, engineering, machineny, machine tool,electronic machine and so on, The products have gained the excllent sales resul in the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on in a dozen of countries and areas.



Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
01B103 EX/GR 1 3-16″ 01B500 EX/GR 5″ 02B115 EX/GR 1 15/16″ 02EB607 EX/GR 6 7/16″
01B104 EX/GR 1 1/4″ 01B503 EX/GR 5 3/16″ 02B200 EX/GR 2″ 02EB608 EX/GR 6 1/2″
01B107EX/GR 1 7/16″ 01B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″ 394 02B203 EX/GR 2 3/16″ 02EB615 EX/GR 6 15/16″
01B108EX/GR 1 1/2″ 01B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″ 02B204 EX/GR 2 1/4″ 02EB700 EX/GR 7″
01EB111EX/GR 1 11/16″ 01B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″  02B207 EX/GR 2 7/16″ 02EB715 EX/GR 7 15/16″
01EB112EX/GR 1 3/4″ 01B600 EX/GR 6″ 02B208 EX/GR 2 1/2″ 02EB800 EX/GR 8″
01EB115EX/GR 1 15/16″ 01EB607 EX/GR 6 7/16″ 02B211 EX/GR 2 11/16″ 02EB900 EX/GR 9″
01EB200EX/GR 2″ 01EB608 EX/GR 6 1/2″ 02B212 EX/GR 2 3/4″ 02EB1000 EX/GR 10″
01EB203EX/GR 2 3/16″ 01B615 EX/GR 6 15/16″ 02B215 EX/GR 2 15/16″ 02EB1100 EX/GR 11″
01EB204EX/GR 2 1/4″ 01B700 EX/GR 7″ 02B300 EX/GR 3″ 02EB1200 EX/GR 12″
01EB207EX/GR 2 7/16″ 01EB715 EX/GR 7 15/16″ 02B303 EX/GR 3 3/16″ 02B1300 EX/GR 13″
01EB208EX/GR 2 1/2″ 01EB800 EX/GR 8″ 02B304 EX/GR 3 1/4″ 02B1400 EX/GR 14″
01EB211EX/GR 2 11/16″ 01EB900 EX/GR 9″ 02B307 EX/GR 3 7/16″ 02B1500 EX/GR 15″
01EB212EX/GR 2 3/4″ 01EB1000 EX/GR 10″ 02B308 EX/GR 3 1/2″ 02B1600 EX/GR 16″
01EB215EX/GR 2 15/16″ 01EB1100 EX/GR 11″ 02B311 EX/GR 3 11/16″ 02B1700 EX/GR 17″
01EB300EX/GR 3″ 01EB1200 EX/GR 12″ 02B312 EX/GR 3 3/4″ 02B1800 EX/GR 18″
01EB303EX/GR 3 3/16″ 01B1300 EX/GR 13″ 02B315 EX/GR 3 15/16″ 02B1900 EX/GR 19″
01EB304EX/GR 3 1/4″ 01B1400 EX/GR 14″ 02B400 EX/GR 4″ 02B2000 EX/GR 20″
01EB307EX/GR 3 7/16″ 01B1500 EX/GR 15″ 02B403 EX/GR 4 3/16″ 02B2100 EX/GR 21″
01EB308EX/GR 3 1/2″ 01B1600 EX/GR 16″ 02B407 EX/GR 4 7/16″ 02B2200 EX/GR 22″
01EB311EX/GR 3 11/16″ 01B1700 EX/GR 17″ 02B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 02B2300 EX/GR 23″
01EB312EX/GR 3 3/4″ 01B1800 EX/GR 18″ 02B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 02B2400 EX/GR 24″
01EB315EX/GR 3 15/16″ 01B1900 EX/GR 19″ 02B500 EX/GR 5″    
01EB400EX/GR 4″ 01B2000 EX/GR 20″ 02B503 EX/GR 5 3/16″    
01EB403EX/GR 4 3/16″ 01B2100 EX/GR 21″ 02B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″    
01EB407EX/GR 4 7/16″ 01B2200 EX/GR 22″ 02B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″    
01B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 01B2300 EX/GR 23″ 02B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″    
01B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 01B2400 EX/GR 24″ 02B600 EX/GR 6″    
100 SERIES 03E SERIES Reminder
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Number Shaft Diameter
Add ‘EX’ or ‘GR’ to reference for expansion or fixed type.

respectively,e.g:Bearing:03 B 280M EX or 03 B 1100 EX.

Cartridge:03 C 280M EX or 03 C 83 EX.

100B215EX/GR 2 15/16″ 03B315 EX/GR 3 15/16″ 03B800 EX/GR 8″
100B300EX/GR 3″ 03B400 EX/GR 4″ 03B900 EX/GR 9″
100B307EX/GR 3 7/16″ 03B407 EX/GR 4 7/16″ 03B1000 EX/GR 10″
100B315EX/GR 3 15/16″ 03B408 EX/GR 4 1/2″ 03EB1100 EX/GR 11″
100B400EX/GR 4″ 03B415 EX/GR 4 15/16″ 03B1200 EX/GR 12″
100B407EX/GR 4 7/16″ 03B500 EX/GR 5″ 03B1300 EX/GR 13″
100B408EX/GR 4 1/2″ 03B507 EX/GR 5 7/16″ 03EB1400 EX/GR 14″
100B415EX/GR 4 15/16″ 03B508 EX/GR 5 1/2″ 03B1500 EX/GR 15″
100B500EX/GR 5″ 03B515 EX/GR 5 15/16″ 03EB1700 EX/GR 17″
100B507EX/GR 5 7/16″ 03B600 EX/GR 6″ 03EB1800 EX/GR 18″
100B508EX/GR 5 1/2″ 03B607 EX/GR 6 7/16″ 03B2000 EX/GR 20″
100B515EX/GR 5 15/16″ 03B608 EX/GR 6 1/2″ 03EB2200 EX/GR 22″
100B600EX/GR 6″ 03B615 EX/GR 6 15/16″ 03EB2300 EX/GR 23″
100B715EX/GR 7 15/16″ 03B700 EX/GR 7″    
100B800EX/GR 8″ 03B715 EX/GR 7 15/16″     

Chinese model
01B  01EB
  01B35M EX GR      01B115M EX GR      01B220M EX GR      01B1400-360M EX GR   
  01B40M EX GR      01B120M EX GR      01B230M EX GR      01B360M EX GR   
  01EB45M EX GR      01B125M EX GR      01B240M EX GR      01B380M EX GR   
  01EB50M EX GR      01B130M EX GR      01B250M EX GR      01B390M EX GR   
  01EB55M EX GR      01B135M EX GR      01B1000-260M EX GR      01B400M EX GR   
  01EB60M EX GR      01B140M EX GR      01B260M EX GR      01B420M EX GR   
  01EB65M EX GR      01B150M EX GR      01B270M EX GR      01B440M EX GR   
  01EB70M EX GR      01B155M EX GR      01B275M EX GR      01B3460M EX GR   
  01EB75M EX GR      01B600-160M EX GR      01B280M EX GR      01B480M EX GR   
  01EB80M EX GR      01B160M EX GR      01B290M EX GR      01B500M EX GR   
  01EB85M EX GR      01B608-170M EX GR      01B300M EX GR      01B530M EX GR   
  01EB90M EX GR      01B170M EX GR      01B320M EX GR      01B3560M EX GR   
  01EB95M EX GR      01B175M EX GR      01B330M EX GR      01B3580M EX GR   
  01EB100M EX GR      01B180M EX GR      01B1300-340M EX GR      01B3600M EX GR   
  01EB105M EX GR      01B190M EX GR      01B340M EX GR     
  01B110M EX GR      01B200M EX GR      01B350M EX GR     
02B   02EB
  02B50M EX GR      02B125M EX GR      02B220M EX GR      02B400M EX GR   
  02B60M EX GR      02B130M EX GR      02B230M EX GR      02B420M EX GR   
  02B65M EX GR      02B140M EX GR      02B240M EX GR      02B440M EX GR   
  02B70M EX GR      02B145M EX GR      02B250M EX GR      02B460M EX GR   
  02B75M EX GR      02B150M EX GR      02B260M EX GR      02B480M EX GR   
  02B80M EX GR      02B155M EX GR      02B280M EX GR      02B500M EX GR   
  02B85M EX GR      02B600-160M EX GR      02B300M EX GR      02B530M EX GR   
  02B90M EX GR      02B160M EX GR      02B320M EX GR      02B560M EX GR   
  02B100M EX GR      02B170M EX GR      02B330M EX GR      02B580M EX GR   
  02B105M EX GR      02B175M EX GR      02B340M EX GR      02B600M EX GR   
  02B110M EX GR      02B180M EX GR      02B350M EX GR     
  02B115M EX GR      02B190M EX GR      02B360M EX GR     
  02B120M EX GR      02B200M EX GR      02B380M EX GR     
03B  03EB  03XB  03E
  03B100M EX GR      03B190M EX GR      03B290M EX GR      03EB440M EX GR   
  03B110M EX GR      03EB600M EX GR      03B300M EX GR      03EB460M EX GR   
  03B120M EX GR      03B200M EX GR      03B320M EX GR      03XB460M EX GR   
  03B130M EX GR      03B220M EX GR      03EB340M EX GR      03XB480M EX GR   
  03B140M EX GR      03B240M EX GR      03EB360M EX GR      03B500M EX GR   
  03B150M EX GR      03B250M EX GR      03XB360M EX GR      03B530M EX GR   
  03B160M EX GR      03B260M EX GR      03B380M EX GR      03EB560M EX GR   
  03B170M EX GR      03XB280M EX GR      03B400M EX GR     
  03B180M EX GR      03EB280M EX GR      03EB420M EX GR     
  100B75M EX GR      100B100M EX GR      100B120M EX GR      100B140M EX GR   
  100B85M EX GR      100B110M EX GR      100B130M EX GR      100B140M EX GR   







1. how can we guarantee quality?
Always final Inspection before shipment;

2.what can you buy from us?
Auto Bearing,Bearing Housing,Taper Roller Bearing,Casting,Hydraulic pump,Hydraulic parts,excavator parts and so on.

Ceep groove ball bearing/Self aligning ball bearing/Cylindrical roller bearing/Spherical roller bearing/ Angular contact ball bearing/Tapered roller bearing/ Thrust ball bearing/Thrust cylindrical roller bearing/Needle roller bearing

3. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
One stop bearing and mechanical customized parts,
Designed bearing,
Small quantity order available 
Factory price offer
OEM ODM bearing service

4.What is the transportation?
lf small quantity,we suggest to send by express,such as DHL,UPS,TNT FEDEX flarge amount,by air or sea shipping.

5.Can we design packaging?
Except regular packing,and we can make customer’s own packing.

6.What’s your payment method?
We can accept LC, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Western Union, Small-amount payment, MoneyGram etc.

7.Can the company provide free samples?
We can provide samples for free. You only need to provide shipping.

8.Is the company a production factory or a trading company?
MKS company is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on bearings ,hydraulic pumps and hydraulic parts , produce and sales.

If you have any questions,Please contact us,We must be reply quickly.
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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

pillow block bearing

Can you explain the differences between sealed and open pillow block bearings?

Sealed and open pillow block bearings differ in their design and functionality, particularly in terms of sealing mechanisms and the level of protection they provide. Here are the key differences between sealed and open pillow block bearings:

  • Sealing Mechanism:
  • Sealed pillow block bearings incorporate a sealing mechanism to prevent the entry of contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and moisture, into the bearing. The sealing mechanism is typically made of rubber seals or labyrinth seals that create a barrier between the bearing’s internal components and the external environment. Open pillow block bearings, on the other hand, do not have a sealing mechanism and are open to the surrounding environment.

  • Contamination Protection:
  • Sealed pillow block bearings provide a higher level of protection against contamination compared to open bearings. The sealing mechanism acts as a barrier, preventing the entry of contaminants that can cause premature wear, corrosion, or damage to the bearing’s internal components. Open pillow block bearings, by contrast, are more exposed to the surrounding environment and are more susceptible to contamination.

  • Lubrication:
  • Both sealed and open pillow block bearings require proper lubrication for smooth operation and reduced friction. Sealed bearings are typically pre-lubricated with grease during manufacturing and are designed to be maintenance-free or require minimal lubrication throughout their operating life. Open bearings may need to be lubricated more frequently to ensure optimal performance and prevent excessive wear. Lubrication access points are more accessible in open bearings compared to sealed bearings.

  • Maintenance:
  • Sealed pillow block bearings are designed to be low maintenance or maintenance-free. The sealing mechanism helps to retain the lubricant and protect the bearing’s internal components, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Open pillow block bearings may require more regular maintenance, including lubrication, inspection, and cleaning, to ensure proper functioning and extend their lifespan.

  • Application Suitability:
  • The choice between sealed and open pillow block bearings depends on the specific application requirements. Sealed bearings are commonly used in applications where contamination protection is crucial, such as in dusty or dirty environments. They are particularly suitable for applications where maintenance access is limited or where frequent lubrication is not feasible. Open bearings are often used in applications where regular maintenance and lubrication are possible and where contamination is not a significant concern.

It’s important to consider the specific operating conditions, environmental factors, and maintenance capabilities when deciding between sealed and open pillow block bearings. Consulting with bearing manufacturers or industry experts can provide valuable guidance in selecting the most suitable option for your application requirements.

pillow block bearing

What are the challenges and solutions for managing misalignment and vibration in pillow block bearings?

Misalignment and vibration pose challenges in the proper functioning and longevity of pillow block bearings. However, there are solutions available to address these issues. Let’s explore the challenges and corresponding solutions for managing misalignment and vibration:

  • Misalignment Challenges:
  • Misalignment occurs when the shaft and the bearing are not perfectly aligned. This can result from various factors, including improper installation, thermal expansion, shaft deflection, or external forces. The challenges associated with misalignment include:

    • Increased Friction and Wear: Misalignment causes uneven loading and increased friction between the bearing and the shaft. This can lead to accelerated wear, premature bearing failure, and reduced equipment performance.
    • Excessive Heat Generation: Misalignment generates additional heat due to increased friction. This heat can negatively impact the lubrication, leading to lubricant breakdown and reduced bearing life.
    • Vibration and Noise: Misaligned pillow block bearings can contribute to vibration and noise in the equipment. Excessive vibration can cause further damage to the bearing and other components, affecting the overall system’s stability and performance.
  • Misalignment Solutions:
  • To manage misalignment in pillow block bearings, several solutions can be implemented:

    • Proper Installation and Alignment: Ensuring correct installation procedures and alignment techniques during initial setup or bearing replacement is crucial. This includes aligning the shaft and the bearing within specified tolerances using alignment tools and techniques such as laser alignment or dial indicators.
    • Flexible Couplings: Flexible couplings can compensate for minor misalignments between the driving and driven components. These couplings allow for angular, parallel, and axial misalignment, reducing the transmitted misalignment to the pillow block bearings.
    • Self-Aligning Bearings: Some pillow block bearings are designed with self-aligning capabilities. These bearings can accommodate small amounts of misalignment without significant adverse effects. Self-aligning bearings utilize specialized internal geometries or spherical outer rings to maintain proper alignment under certain misalignment conditions.
    • Adjustable Bearing Housings: Certain pillow block bearing designs incorporate adjustable housings that allow for fine-tuning the alignment. These housings provide additional flexibility in aligning the bearing to the shaft, compensating for misalignment during operation.
  • Vibration Challenges:
  • Vibration refers to the oscillation or shaking of the bearing and the surrounding equipment. Excessive vibration can contribute to various issues:

    • Increased Friction and Wear: Vibrations can lead to higher levels of friction and wear within the bearing, potentially causing premature failure and reduced operational lifespan.
    • Structural Fatigue: Prolonged exposure to excessive vibration can lead to structural fatigue in the bearing housing, shaft, and other connected components. This can result in cracks, deformations, or even catastrophic failures.
    • Unstable Operation: Excessive vibration can negatively impact the stability and performance of the equipment. It can affect accuracy, precision, and overall system functionality.
  • Vibration Solutions:
  • Managing vibration in pillow block bearings involves implementing the following solutions:

    • Balancing: Balancing rotating components, such as shafts, pulleys, or rotors, reduces vibration caused by uneven weight distribution. Dynamic balancing techniques, including static and dynamic analysis, can identify and correct imbalances, minimizing vibration levels.
    • Vibration Analysis and Monitoring: Regular vibration analysis and monitoring can help detect and diagnose vibration issues in pillow block bearings. This involves using vibration sensors and analyzing the data to identify potential problems early on, allowing for timely corrective actions.
    • Vibration Damping: Employing vibration damping techniques, such as the use of vibration-absorbing materials or isolators, can help mitigate excessive vibrations. These methods absorb or dissipate vibration energy, reducing the impact on the pillow block bearings and the surrounding equipment.
    • Improved Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for reducing friction and damping vibrations within pillow block bearings. Using the correct lubricant type, quantity, and application method helps maintain a stable lubrication film, minimizing vibration-induced wear.

In summary, managing misalignment and vibration in pillow block bearings involves addressing specific challenges and implementing suitable solutions. Proper installation and alignment techniques, flexible couplings, self-aligning bearings, and adjustable housings help manage misalignment. Balancing, vibration analysis and monitoring,vibration damping, and improved lubrication are effective solutions for mitigating vibration-related issues. Implementing these solutions promotes optimal performance, extends the lifespan of pillow block bearings, and ensures the smooth operation of the equipment.

pillow block bearing

What advantages do pillow block bearings offer compared to other types of bearings?

Pillow block bearings, also known as plummer block bearings, offer several advantages compared to other types of bearings. These advantages make them a popular choice in various industrial applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the advantages of pillow block bearings:

  • Easy Installation:
  • Pillow block bearings are designed for easy installation. The split housing allows for quick assembly and disassembly without the need to remove other components or disassemble the entire system. This feature simplifies bearing replacement, lubrication, and inspection, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Self-Aligning Capability:
  • Pillow block bearings are designed to accommodate slight misalignments or shaft deflections. This self-aligning capability helps to ensure smooth operation and reduce stress on the bearing. It allows for more flexibility in the installation process and helps compensate for any misalignment that may occur during operation.

  • Load Support:
  • Pillow block bearings are capable of handling both radial and axial loads, depending on the type of bearing insert used. This load-carrying capacity makes them suitable for a wide range of applications where there are varying load requirements. They provide reliable support for rotating shafts and help transmit loads between the shaft and the housing.

  • Environmental Protection:
  • Pillow block bearings offer a degree of environmental protection to the bearing insert. The housing acts as a shield, preventing contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the bearing and causing premature failure. This protection helps to extend the service life of the bearing and improve overall reliability.

  • Versatility and Adaptability:
  • Pillow block bearings are highly versatile and adaptable to various industrial applications. They can be found in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction, and material handling. These bearings are used in conveyor systems, power transmission equipment, pumps, fans, compressors, and many other rotating machinery applications.

  • Easy Maintenance:
  • Due to their design, pillow block bearings are easy to maintain. The split housing simplifies lubrication, inspection, and replacement of the bearing insert. This ease of maintenance reduces downtime and allows for efficient servicing of the bearing, contributing to improved operational efficiency.

In summary, pillow block bearings offer several advantages compared to other types of bearings. These advantages include easy installation and maintenance, self-aligning capability, load support, environmental protection, versatility, and adaptability. These features make pillow block bearings a reliable and efficient choice for various industrial applications where ease of installation, flexibility, and durability are important factors.

China Custom Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing   bearing bronzeChina Custom Self Aligning Ball Bearing 03b140m 03b507 03b508 03bcp140mm Ex Gr Customized Non-Standard Bearings Split Bearings Cooper Split Bearing   bearing bronze
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